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Bill Nicklin

Bill Nicklin will show you how to use the internet to discover powerful ways to get new business and keep it.

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Bill is one of the most successful stockbrokers in the US as his numbers show: over the last 30 years, he has generated over $50,000,000 in commissions and fees. Throughout his career Bill has found ways to leverage changes in technology and the financial service industry environment to build his business, benefit his clients and help his associates to find their unique professional strengths. Bill leveraged advances in computer software technology to create Prospex, the first fully text searchable prospecting database of "money in motion" and "people in motion." This database has helped many financial consultants identify and attract new business that suited their personal interests, abilities and investment style. Bill will show how you can harness the Internet to blow the doors off your production. Bill is a founder of the Horsesmouth web site (

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